Jul 25, 2011

sweet and sad

I saw this note on another family's blog.  They adopted a boy, who was about 12 I think, from Ethiopia.  He wrote this note to our program director after hearing the news that he had a family.

It made me cry.
It made me admire the strength of this boy, who has had a difficult life but chose to praise God, be thankful, and look out for his friends.
It made me thankful that I've never been without my family.
It makes me think Lucy needs an older brother.

You can see this awesome family's blog and this post at:

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  1. Melt my heart, I'm assuming this is the letter that you were telling Timmy & I about on Sunday afternoon, wow. Continued prayers for all of those sweet precious children that are still waiting for their forever families.

    So glad that you guys came over on Sunday, we always enjoy a playdate with baby Lucy!!! Love ya.