Aug 1, 2011

waving and hi

Lucy Joy shows off two of her newest skills:

I'm pretty sure she's brilliant!
  (And sorry for all the Kristy "hi's" you were subjected to in that video.)

She waved at me when I got her up this morning.  She waved at the TV and said a cheerful "Hi!" to the mirror.  I think she's enjoying being able to communicate :)

Also:  PLEASE take a moment to pray for Bonnie and Justin, who have been waiting since September to get their hands on their children in Ethiopia.  They are scrambling to get there TODAY having just heard that they have a court date!  Please pray that they make it in time, that they pass court, and that their children are able to stay at the Transition house while they wait for embassy.  This sweet couple has faced some really rough set-backs and have really set a beautiful example of clinging to God's promises even in the midst of things not making sense and painful circumstances.  I'm praising God for this miricle court date--so PRAY please!


  1. Some sweet Lucy cuteness, how precious is she!!!

    Praying for Bonnie & Justin, can't imagine, but we serve an amazing God and his timing is perfect!!

  2. This little girl is a bundle of sweetness and adorableness! I love hearing about and seeing the pictures of little Lucy! :) What an amazing blessing! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for praying Kristy and for your friendship. I love you and Lucy so much friend!