Jul 19, 2011

little cutie and the cute one

 Lucy, you LOVE your uncle John and he's crazy about you.  I snuck in and caught you two hanging out the other day, and it made me so happy to see two of my favorites enjoying each other!

You had to check out his glasses...

and his beard....

and his cool hat.

You love him!  He gets more kisses than I do! (I try not to be jealous.)

In fact, you think he's AMAZING! 
(Join the club :)  He's my hero, I guess he can be yours, too!)


  1. Kristy, this post brought me to tears!!! I can see why she loves her Uncle John sooo much, what's not to love. He won my heart over when he was about the same age as Lucy, he was the sweetest thing & still is!!!!!!

    we were just at moms on Sunday & was looking at pics of me in h.s. & you & John Walker where right there by my side, melt my heart!!!!

  2. Your little girl could model for a magazine! These are precious!