Jul 22, 2011

Lucy's room

Lucy, it was time for you to move into your own room.  It sounds crazy, it seems we both highly value our sleep, so it seemed like a necessary step.  So we (with help from Angel and Jeremiah!) worked on your room, and I think you LOVE it! 

I love the dolls in the top middle--Olga, my favorite doll as a child, and a little doll from Ethiopia for Lucy are sharing space :)

You weren't nervous at all about sleeping there, but somehow I was nervous... so I just slept in there with you the first night. Neither of us even made a peep, so I think we're good to go!

And, because no blog post is complete without a little Lucy adorable-ness...


  1. Too cute, love the new room. Oh my goodness, I have not seen Olga since I use to babysit you & John Walker, wow!! So glad I got to see some Lucy adorable-ness, a post wouldn't be complete without it. xxx's & ooo's from all of us.

  2. Love the room!!! So cute! and Lucy, of course, too! :)

  3. Adorable! And colorful and I love it!