May 16, 2011

work, laughter, and breaking news

What a cute little giraffe she makes!  (now available at the Paisley Palm) (the outfit, not the baby!)

So, today I went back to work for a half day, and I'll start back on Wednesday full time.  (Well, for 2 weeks, then it's summer break, so this should not be so tough).  I definitely cried last night, but today she seemed so very happy to watch the other little ones, especially her sweet cousin Malley, that I felt pretty good.  I know it's only 2 weeks, but pray for us, that Lucy knows how loved she is and feels secure. 

Tonight she seemed a little fussy, which is very rare, but then we got down to business playing and she laughed several times.  This is very new!  She hadn't really laughed until she laughed Saturday at Susan's birthday party at her Papaw.  Tonight she laughed out loud at the same old repertoire of silliness that I've been doing for a month, hoping for those chuckles.  I think she just found her laugh, and I'm so pleased about it!

Breaking News!

It appears from her relaxed pose that Lucy is finally getting more comfortable with bath time. :)


  1. Oh my goodness how precious is she??!!!!!! I've been praying for you & your sweet baby girl knowing that this week was coming, continued prayers!!! This pic reminded me of when you and I gave Coop his bath for the 1st time, love it!!!

  2. I love her latest outfit! And the ankles are crossed, what a lady.

  3. The bathtub pic with those cute little legs crossed--ADORABLE!!!!

  4. Oh sweet Lucy! Could she be any cuter! Still praying for you (and Lucy) this week. I know it is TOUGH! I'd say that it is prob harder for you than for her though. So glad that she enjoyed seeing the other kids. And SUPER glad to hear about the LAUGH!!!!!! Way to go, Grandpa! :)

  5. She is so adorable and the crossing of her legs is priceless. She looks like she is going to be full of personality! Thanks for sharing! I hope to call soon!