May 13, 2011



What a BIG girl in her jeans!  :)

So pretty!  I love that she has her ankles crossed in MANY pics.  Such a little lady :)

All tuckered out from days of being adorable...


  1. Eliah couldn't figure out where Lucy's mama was (she kept pointing saying "Luc, mama?") so I had to go to some older posts and show the two of you together! :) Lucy is such a JOY!!!!

  2. Kristy, this little girl is precious and I love reading the sweet words you write about her. I would love to talk with you sometime. I am starting my process after CCI just recently lifted their clause about not taking applications for little girls under 4. I have been persisting and doing SO much research. Wow, what a blessing you have! It is so encouraging to see.

    There have certainly been some hard times during this time and I would love to talk with you to get your insight and wisdom. I am very happy for you! You are right! She is adorable and looks SO happy and healthy!!!

  3. Oh Kristy, melt my heart, can't wait for another play date with your precious girl. I could just eat her up, luv u girls!!!