May 7, 2011

feeding frenzy

So, I am definitely a new mama. I think Lucy is fascinating, so I share little things about her.  I regale my friends with fascinating nap-time irregularities, messy diapers, and cute looks that mean that she loves me.

On that note, I have to share this video of her eating her first baby food.  The books talk about this like it's a delicate procedure.  Make sure she's well-rested, try to appear relaxed as you feed her, and read her cues.  A turned-away head signals that she's done, and an open mouth indicates that she's ready for more. 

Lucy's cues here seem to say:  WOW!  I love green beans!  I can't get enough of them--more please!  Sorry to be "that mom" who shows her friends video of a baby eating, but ... I guess I am.  (She's eating with such relish!  At the end, she uses her little arm to lever her body forward to get the food in a little faster!)


  1. She could not be any cuter!!! She is ADORABLE! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, no she couldn't!!! Love it, love you guys!

  3. Just hearing you and your Momma giggle over her every move made me smile. So happy for you!