May 21, 2011

lovely party

My wonderful friends Abby and Keshia threw a lovely party for friends from church and our ESL/ Spanish Bible study to come by and meet Lucy.  It was so much fun!  Here are the pics to prove it:

Lucy and Mama

Abby and Keshia
(AND the lovely food and flowers they got together!)

Lucy thought these cupcakes were great.  Actually, she didn't get any, but I thought they were so tasty, and can you see that they are... Africa and hearts :)  (Abby is awesome!)

Lots of friends came by to show their LOVE for Lucy.  These friends from ESL class and Bible study have been so sweet to her!  What a blessing!

A special little visitor--Landon :)

I think everyone got a turn holding this little social butterfly.  We even made let the guys hold Lucy.  They were great with her!  Everyone was.  God has really blessed me with some amazing amigos :)
Come on by Grace Fellowship Church and meet 'em!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, what a blessing to have such great friends!!!

    We all loved getting to see you and little Lucy at church on Sunday, she's sooooo cuddly, love it!!!