May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to me!

My first Mother's day... what a blessing!  I have had Lucy with me for 4 weeks (as of yesterday) and it feels like she's always been here.  She's just lovely.  I have been a little emotional the last few days.  It's like it just hits me in a wave of wonder--she's my daughter.  She counts on me and I count on her.  We just belong together... I prayed SO for God to put just the right child in my life, and He's done it so well.

A few more beautiful moments I found on my camera:

(One of her first days home.  We had her nap on the dining room table so that we could all admire her.)

(a little shell-shocked after the clinic (check out the 5 band-aids!)--but now we know she's a healthy girl!)

(oohh, look at those curls!)

And today on Mother's Day:

(She looks a little skeptical, but I think she loves me!)


  1. I know your kidding, what's not to love!!!! I have thought of you several times today, soooooo happy that your sweet baby girl is home with her momma what a blessing!!! Love you girls, hope you all had a great day together, i'm sure you did, give your momma a big hug from the Gutmans, love you all!!!

    p.s. love the picture of her, you and John Walker, melt my heart & Timmy was going on again when he saw the pics of her, she's beautiful

  2. Happy Mother's Day! So happy for you, and I just LOVE that table picture, ha ha ha!