Apr 11, 2016

Spring Break

What a grand time we've had!  You're such a fun gal to spend time with.  I'm thankful for this time we've had!

We went swimming, where you were so brave!  We also went to the library where you got your VERY OWN LIBRARY CARD!  (We've got to celebrate, she said with breathy awe.)

We played.  A lot.
We got to watch a little buddy, and you were such a good, big helper!

 We got to spend time with the lovely and bubbly Reagan.  You both clomped around in high heels and loved every second of it.

You were princesses and had a ball.

You were also spies, which was hilarious.  Reagan refused to renounce the high heels for her spying, so you could hear her coming a mile away.  But, hey, even spies have to make some concessions for fashion.

You've been talking about getting older.  "What will I be like when I'm 10?"  I'll answer, "I can't wait to meet 10 year old Lucy!"  She asked, "How old will you be when I'm 10?"  "40."  "I can't wait to meet 40 year old Mama."  (Possibly the only thing on the planet that could have me excited for 4-0!)

You're so fun, Lucy Joy!  I can't wait for summer!

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