Apr 9, 2016

5th Forever Day

How you fell asleep--with a picture of us.  My heart!

Forever I'd wanted you, even before I knew you.
Forever--how long I waited for you, just praying and hoping.
Forever I stared into your serious eyes in those first pictures I got.

Forever I'll remember the awe I felt holding you.
Your hands around mine.  Your smile, the first time I saw it.  How you were immediately part of me.
Forever I'll recount the journey to you.  
How excited I was and how precious you were when I crossed the vast ocean to find

Forever I'll be smitten by your sparkly eyes and your funny ideas.
Forever I'll praise God for the precious gift of you.
Forever I'll be for you and love you and like you so much.
Forever I'll be grateful for just exactly the you that you are, 
And that you're my daughter,

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