Apr 1, 2016

April Fool-ery

2 weeks ago:  Uncle John explains April Fools Day to Lucy.
She rushes in.  Mama!  On April Fools' Day I'm gong to say "I have crayons in my hand!"  But. I. Won't.   Total triumph!

March 31:  We both think it's April 1st.  (Well, she did, and it was early, so I was easily mislead.)
Mamaaaa, I have crayons in my hand!  Eyes wide, leaning forward, practically on tip-toe.  Split second later:  Happy Fool's Day!

Many little jokes like this later (Mama, I have pencils in my hand... Mama, I have eyeballs in my hand...) and I decided that it was my turn.  I knew better than to say something fun that she'd actually believe and get excited about, so I said, "Lucy, we're getting a pet...giraffe," immediately following one of her jokes.  Her eyes got shiny and she started to cheer--yikes!  "April Fool's!" I called out, and her face fell.  "Lucy, I was joking, we can't have a giraffe in the house."  Thunderclouds.  We COULD.

Today: the jokes abounded
First, in a bizarre twist on her "crayons in my hand" joke, she announced, full hands behind her back, Mama, I have a necklace in my hands!  (Which she did.)  She dropped it behind her back and yelled, Happy Fools day!

She announced to Nana that she was out of equal for her tea (which would be horrifying to Nana!).
She announced to John that there were a ton of hippos outside!  (To which he quipped, "So two of 'em?")
When John told her to look at the big deer outside of the car window, she was resolute, refusing to even flick a gaze in that direction.  No, Uncle John, she said firmly, You're just April Fools-ing me, I know you are.

She announced to me that I had snakes around my neck, that there were bears in the road, etc.

The last one of tonight was particularly funny (if a little macabre).  She shoved her hands behind her back in the car. Mama, where are my hands?  I could tell she was thinking this one up on the fly.  They're in... the woods.  Insert forlorn look.  They... broke off.     April Fool's!

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