Apr 6, 2016

more about imaginary boyfriends

"I was sitting on a park bench, waiting to see if somebody was going to be my boyfriend."

(Maybe we'll have to talk about this approach.)

"A boy came up to me and he gave me flowers and he asked me if he could be my boyfriend."

(I like the flowers.  He should show he's putting in some effort--you're worth it, Lucy!)

"I said, 'Do you know the Lord?' "

(Go baby!)

" 'Do you read your Bible every day?' "
" 'Do you believe in God and Jesus?' "

(Yes, sweet thing!  These are the RIGHT questions!  Get straight to the point!)

"And he said 'yes' so I told him he could be my boyfriend."

(Thank you, Jesus!  Please, please, please, keep her standards high.  Help her to see that she is worth flowers and much, much more and that these questions are not negotiable.)

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