Jun 10, 2013

hair cut

Okay, people.  For these Ethiopian beauties, hair is a big freakin' deal.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE big, gorgeous hair.  So I had these visions of Lucy's hair just getting very large and in-charge. 

However, I have a daughter who is tender-headed and HATES to have her hair messed with.  This can be unpleasant with your every-day, run-a-brush-through-it toddler hair, but we have once a week, marathon hour-long detangling session super-curly gorgeous kind of hair.  Needless to say, things got pretty unpleasant.  On many occasions, we both were in tears by the end of these sessions.  And they didn't last the hour they needed to, so we both were upset and her hair wasn't even done

We tried many things:  Quite a few different (expensive) hair products, various in and out of bath detangling regimes, Dora + forbidden candy during sessions, daily smaller sections to detangle, a special tangle-teaser brush... we learned a lot, but it boils down to the fact that she hates having someone touching her hair (much less combing it!).  And as much as I LOVE her hair, I realized that I was keeping it long as a vanity (for me) which made things harder and more unpleasant (for her).

I decided to chop it for the summer.  It would be cooler for her and easier for us to work with.  And this beautiful girl can pull off any hairstyle, I'm sure.  We bought new bows and talked it up, and then set to chopping.  (Nana and I doubled-up on her).  She loves it.  She ran to see in the mirror and she liked what she saw!  (So do I--she's so pretty!)

This has been a great decision for us!  Our summer is much lower-stress and I feel like I'm able to keep her hair healthy for her, so it's a big relief!

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