Jun 16, 2013

football and prayers

Lucy!  You are cracking your mama up!  Today, among many other lovely things, you said:

This water isn't drinking.  (When the straw wouldn't work).

We were bouncing a balloon back and forth, and you had to take a moment to put on my football hat and then insist I put on my imaginary hat, too.  Then you growled and grumbled a bunch of sporty things like:  Frower!  I frow it!  20-80-90!  Frow!  Then, since we were so proud that we were so athletic, we took a moment to share tilty-faced smiles :)

We went to Panera with Nana and Uncle John and you prayed.  I LOVE that your prayers are getting more like a conversation with God than a memorized thing you'd said.  Tonight, with the rare treat of baked chips on your plate, you prayed:  God Father, Thank you for chips and food and my friends.  Amen.  It was so sweet!

 (Which reminds me that last week, you prayed with your little head bowed and just had to lower your mouth an inch and eat a green bean in the middle of it.  Some things are just too good to resist :) )

You told Nana as we left, You can call me ANY time, Nana.  So supportive!

 You are a delight every day, Lucy Joy!

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