Jun 30, 2013

microwave check!

Lucy is such a great communicator.   I feel very confident that we understand each other well, which is really a treat!

There are, however, a few things that get a little mixed up.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • "Poopy-ray" is Chipotle--our favorite
  • This morning, we were "hungry calculators" (hungry crocodiles)
  • She ran around with her guitar, saying, "Microwave check!" instead of microphone check.  (PS--where did she get this rock and roll terminology??)
  • She was given a Barney doll (which she loves, although we never watch the show) and she calls him her "Barbeque"
  • I'm on a health kick, and we were buying tofu for the first time (to use in a salad dressing).  I asked her to help me remember we needed extra-firm silken tofu.  She CRACKED up!  She thought that was the funniest thing she'd ever heard, and belly-laughed every time I said it.  When she said it back to me, it was not extra-firm silken tofu, but "extra fuu-fuu toes!"
  • Ethiopia, until very recently, was "Oompaloompa"
  • Arrested Development (a very funny show, but not for children!  oops!) was "Bah-nah-DAH".  That one puzzles me so much!  But she really meant Arrested Development every time she said Bah-nah-DAH!
  • Chocolate milk (which she ISN'T allowed to have) is always "chocolate candy milk"
And, on the subject of words, a few have become taboo around here.  My girl is so proud that she's potty-trained and a big girl.  She does a lot of talking about how diapers are for babies and pull-ups are for big girls.  If I happen to inadvertently say diaper instead of pull-up, she gets all put-out.  "Don't say DIAPER to me, Mama!  Don't say that!"

Gratuitous Cuteness

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