Feb 27, 2012

a "wow" kinda day

And then...

A year ago today God did a miracle.  He made a family.  We're a little, tiny family.  But we're part of a beautiful bigger family, and then a spectacular even bigger family of believers.  He linked a girl from Kentucky, who traipsed around the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia and made her way back to a small town in Kentucky AND a sweet, tiny baby from a little town in Africa who was loved but had no home.  He matched us up perfectly.  He does pretty amazing things!

I was desperate to meet this sweet girl, but she wasn't at the orphanage when I went to pick her up.  There were confusion and tears, and an impromptu van ride several hours into the Ethiopian countryside.  I went in a small, dark orphanage and was handed Lucy Joy.  We spent our first 4 hours together in a hot van.  I was happy and a little incredulous.  This tiny wonder was my daughter!  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful start for us!


  1. I can't believe it's been a year! Praise God!

  2. So happy she's here with her momma!!! Love you sweet Lucy :)

  3. Amazing.... and tearing up! LOVE seeing her in your arms and knowing she was loved like crazy! Holding your baby for the first time... You loved her before, but once you hold her in your arms, you're totally done for! :)

    1. Yes, you know that perfectly well! I saw Joel's sweet face on facebook with almost the same "anniversary". What an amazing time! Praise God for entrusting them to us!