Feb 8, 2012


Last night at my parents house, we held hands around the table and my mom prayed.  A split second before mom could get to it, Lucy surprised us by debuting a new word, "Amen!"  She seemed so pleased with herself.  We thought it was pretty dang cute.  And BIG progress, since she just started allowing us to hold her hand (at first it was a horrible imposition on those busy hands!).

And this morning I was feeling under the weather, and she patted my back several times, and then carried my house shoes, one at a time, to my closet and put them away.  What a sweet baby!

And, in case in my elation over this sweet girl I lead you to believe that things are always perfect, I'll share a few tidbits from the last week or so.  First, Lucy accidently poked me inside the nose so hard that I had my first ever nose bleed.  Then I looked over the other morning to see her genltly swirling my hairbrush in the toilet water.  Fun times!  Finally, tonight she was sitting in my lap facing me and sneezed, sending little bits of soggy graham cracker all over my shirt... and she then picked out a few of the most delectable already-chewed bits and ate them.  And I let her. 

This picture sums up what I'm talking about pretty well... kind of smeary, bits of food everywhere, strawberry juice stained, but her smile (like her shirt says) is JOY for this mama.


  1. Love, always fun to read your posts!! Love hearing about little Lucy!

  2. AMEN, what joy they bring...causing us nose bleeds & sometimes other unpleasantries, lol!!! Always love reading about sweet Lucy & so enjoyed talking to her sweet momma today, sooooo treasure our friendship & getting to be apart of your baby girls life is an added bonus :)!!!!!

  3. HA! Loving this! It is so sweet to hear about her caring for her mommy. Precious times!