Feb 4, 2012

new things

More new things... Lucy seems to do something funny and new every day.  She is such a joy!

This may be too much detail for everyone else, but I want to put it here because I am enjoying every bit and I wish I could freeze time and trap every sweet detail.

Lucy is BIG into little songs, especially Itsy Bitsy Spider and Patty Cake.  She also LOVES a song on an awesome CD (by slugs and bugs) called I'm Adopted.  It's a Christian kids CD and it has this song that talks about how we're ALL adopted.  It says... I'm adopted, I'm adopted, love came and found me, wrapped arms around me...  It's really very sweet, and reminds me again how our stories of adoption are beautiful but the most beautiful story is how God adopted us as sons and daughters.  Anyway, she just started chiming in from the backseat whenever this song came on.  I think it's precious! 

She plays little games (you can see it on the video) where she crosses her arms and then looks to make sure everyone does it too.  She also touches her head, and then we all have to copy that, too.

And I think my favorite thing in this video is that she looks at the camera several times, and once near the end, it cracks her up.  She's SO funny.  

PS. Sorry for the smeary screen... lots of messy fingers on my camera!

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