Feb 16, 2012

welcome home buddies!

Welcome home to Hosanna and Asher!  We missed the airport party, but Lucy and I really wanted to welcome these sweet ones home!  I had the priviledge of meeting both of them in Ethiopia, and they're precious!  Lucy and Hosanna were bunk-mates for a time--she can't WAIT to catch up with her buddy!

Praise God for answering prayers and bringing these babies home!

Lucy is still really into her "I'm adopted" song (by Slugs and Bugs).  Another verse of it says,

"Once I was a stranger to my God and King,
but He saw me there, from His throne above,
and He sought me and He bought me, and now I sing
of a brand new life, and his endless love. 
Love had a plan for me.  And a great big family! I'm adopted, I'm adopted!
Love came and found me, wrapped arms around me, I'm adopted!" 

I'm reminded SO often that the passion that I felt to bring Lucy home and the passion this family felt to go after thier children is a lovely (but dim) picture of the passion that God feels for us, to love us and make us his family. 

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