Oct 11, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Lucy Joy, I am SO blessed to know you as a 1 year old and to get to be your mama!  I have loved you well before I knew you, and spent ages looking at your pictures before I "met" you, and I loved you so much, even then.  Your twinkly smiling eyes and funny laugh are now a part of my world forever and I'm so thankful for that!  I'm thankful that you're here and that you're healthy--God has really taken care of us.  I'm thankful that you seem quite happy and that you make your family so very happy too!  

I think you're just about the most perfect one year old.  You're pulling up and feeling sassy about it.  You think it's funny when we make faces or silly sounds.  You're working at being independent, but you often reach up for mama to hold you.  You crawl around and get wherever you want to go, and you settle in for books.  You think doors are really cool.  You think rolls of toilet paper are handy snack dispensers.  You really like your clothes.  You and I snuggle when I tuck you in and I LOVE it--I hope you do too.  You and I sing together, and sometimes we dance.  (You're especially fond of a move known as booty-slappin').  You're really smart--you surprise me every day by interacting in some new way.  You're so curious.  You're so cheerful.  You're ever so sweet.  Every day is better because you're in it with me.  I thank God for my sweet Lucy!

Destruction of Flower--starring Lucy Northcutt, curious Birthday Girl

Foiling of Birthday Girl's plans to eat Flower Petals--starring Uncle John

Birthday Girl's Smiles in First Birthday Photot Shoot--courtesy of Uncle John  :)


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Lucy! What a blessing to share this milestone together! :o)

  2. Happy Birthday baby girl. What a blessing you are indeed. We love you & your sweet momma.