Oct 6, 2011


Hi friends!  It's been a long time (I've been reminded) since I updated you on how we're doing.  So I wanted to share with you some of the pictures I just downloaded from my camera.  I think we can safely call this latest phase "exploration." 

 Lucy is speed-crawling--she is everywhere I go, which is SO cute.  I put her down and popped back to the car to bring something else in, and she was sitting about 4 inches in front of the front door when I came back in... she just wanted to see where I had gone!  She crawls through the house and gets into things.  And at my parent's house, she makes the journey down a hall, sharp left turn, past the door to "our" room there and straight to Uncle John's room.  She crawls on in, says hi and waves, and heads back out again.  The other day his door was closed, so she just pounded on it.  She KNEW he was in there and she WANTED to see him!

She is pulling up to standing now.  She stands at the coffee table and bangs her hands and gives a proud wiggle, like "check me out".  She's SO proud of herself (and she looks at each person around to see if they've noticed and are appropriately proud as well).

And, last night in the back yard, she stood by herself for a few seconds here and there.  When she did it she kind of froze, and slid her eyes to the side, like, "Can you believe this!?  (But I can't turn my head)".  It was precious.  She's such a sweet girl.

She found the kitchen... and the cabinets.

She found the drawers at Nana's house, too (she's mid-clap--I think she's proud of her accomplishment).

Tonight she wasn't quite ready to sleep, so she decided to read a bit.  Perusing the book selection (STANDING up!)

This little Spanish book is one of our favorites
 (about a clumsy cow whose antics save the day... wonder why I'd be in favor of a clumsy (if bovine) heroine?)

Please note that the clumsy cow heroine book was on the third shelf up (with a few books beside those boxes, where I put the non-board books so that she couldn't get them.)  And I looked over, and she was stretching past all the other books to get that one from the third shelf!  What determination my little explorer has! 


Trying to get the camera  :)


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