Mar 23, 2011

This is how I feel!

*Quick update:  It looks like it will be a few more weeks at least until I can go get Lucy.  The embassy is doing a more thorough check before it clears our case.  This is actually good for the integrity of the process in general (but bad for me!  It hurts my heart to wait!)  Please pray for Lucy that she's safe and healthy and feels LOVED, and for me for patience!  I cried in front of my students when I heard this news and they were so sweet!  Some of their suggestions to cope with the wait:  make a list, paint her room, get things washed and ready, write it down so that she knows how much I really wanted her here, and (from a boy) punch something.  I think I'll take (most) of these suggestions and try to be as ready as I can so that I can just enjoy her when she gets home!


  1. When you e-mailed me this a.m. it just soooo tugged at my heart. I sent out some e-mails/prayer request for your sweet baby girl and her sweet momma!!! Loved the suggestions from your students, how sweet. Praying that our father will hold Lucy & her momma in his arms until you all are together FOREVER!! Love ya!!!

    "Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart
    and wait for the LORD."
    Psalm 27:14 New International Version

  2. I've been following your blog since you posted the link on fb. SO COMPLETELY EXCITED FOR YOU!! AND LUCY!!! She is beautiful, Kristy! I didn't really know much (except that you were adopting), and it has been so good to read more about it on here. I miss you and am sincerely praying for both you and Lucy!! I love your beautiful heart and am so excited about this precious gift that he is giving to you both! I would love to chat with you soon, but I know that you are just a *little* busy right now - hopefully after you guys are settled in.
    Love to you!!
    Kristian (and the rest of the Howe clan!)

  3. Thanks Mattie! I love the verse!

    Kristian--so good to hear from you! Thanks for the encouragement! I'd love to catch up soon! (and happy late Birthday!!) I'm sure your little ones are keeping you a *little* busy, too :)