Mar 6, 2011

road to Lucy

Mom and I arrived in Ethiopia late Saturday night, and went to pick up Lucy early Sunday morning.  She wasn't where I thought she was going to be, so we loaded up in a van and drove 4 hours outside of Addis Ababa to get her.  I was so anxious to have her in my arms, but I tried to pay attention to the countryside.  It was really interesting to see life outside of the city.  We saw so many of these traditional huts.  We stopped for cows, goats, and donkeys to cross the road.  We enjoyed the sunshine and talked with her orphanage director about how adoption works in Ethiopia.  It was a good trip.  The best part?

This.  Holding my daughter for the first time.  Wow.

The four hour ride back was pretty special, too.  Getting to know Lucy as we bounced along. 

Loving every minute of it!

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  1. Timmy and I just sat here and oohhhh'd and aaahhhd, she is so precious!!! I could just eat that sweet pea up!! Can't wait til she's home!!!