Mar 13, 2011

missing Lucy

Yowza!  I am MISSING my girl.  I am praying for her all the time and wishing she was in my arms.  I know things are moving on her case, which is wonderful!  They requested some papers and sent her birth certificate.  Her birthday is October 11, 2010.   This makes her 5 months old.  In fact, she shares her birthday with my twin aunt and uncle, Bonnie and Ronnie!  This also makes her 9 days older that Reagan, my friend Crystal's daughter, future bff :)  Please keep praying with me for a smooth and QUICK embassy appointment so I can get my precious baby home!

Last night I could hardly sleep (very rare for me).  I kept thinking about sweet Lucy...  I wish she was keeping me awake by BEING here and hungry :)  Believe it or not (those of you who know that I really REALLY like my sleep), I even loved night-time feedings :)  Look at her--how could I not?

Oh, hurry home Lulu! Your mama can't stand this being without you!


  1. Praying and thinking of you and little Lucy!

  2. Lucy's sweet little hands on yours just brought me to tears! Praying for you and for Lucy to be HOME SOON, a Mommy's heart can only take so much!!!!

  3. Precious. This post, tugs at a momma's heart strings, I hear ya sis!! Your Aunt Bonnie was at church today, she is over the moon happy to say the very least about Lucy's b-day, it was soooo sweet to hear her talk about it. It's funny that you mentioned the sleep thing, I was telling her I've never seen a person be able to fall asleep as fast as you can, ha!!! We are all praying for a phone call soon for Embassy Appt., love ya!!!