Mar 29, 2011

keeping busy

It's spring break for me, and I've been keeping busy, trying to keep my mind off of the sweet something missing...

I announced to my family that I was going to focus on being SO THANKFUL for such a blessing in my life that I wouldn't have room for any other emotions.  (Unfortunately, I got a little teary as I said it and ended up in a full-fledged boo-hoo over missing Lucy.  It was a really nice idea, though, don't you think?)

I've shampoo-ed carpets, cleaned windows, cleaned out my car,had the oil changed, read some baby books, and gotten Lucy's little corner of my room ready for her arrival (next week I hope I hope I hope!).

(Special thanks to Lynn and Lisa for the furniture, Susan for the cute letters, and Mom for the baskets!)

The best part of the room is yet to come...

                                                                        A sweet, sleepy Lucy for that bed :)


  1. Precious, everything looks adorable. Praying for a call from Sue next week with great news!!!! Can't wait for your sweet baby girl to get home, aaaahhhhh!!!! Thanks for coming on Sunday, sorry you had to go so soon, feel so blessed that you were able to be a part of our sweet baby boy's special day, after all you did help fly him home, love ya!!!!

  2. Thanks Mattie, it was great! He's precious and seemed SO happy! Sorry I had to slip out, and y'all were pretty busy with the little ones, so I didn't want to bust you up, but thanks so much for inviting me--it was great! Yep, after the time in ET I feel like we have a special bond! Sweet Cooper!

  3. Awww... I love all of this! Eliah has that same owl! :) Can't wait until you get her HOME! She's going to love all the girly things in her room. Precious!

  4. Cannot wait to hear that your way!