Nov 13, 2014

falls, receptions, and the cutest doctor around

People, this is the thing.  I fall down.   I shared my history of spectacular wipe-outs right here, which is not in the slightest exaggerated.  So it will not surprise you that I fell down again.  I twisted my ankle on Saturday. (On what, you ask?  Nothing!  Just nothing.)

We were at Steak n Shake breakfast, and my little Joy-belle was sharing with our favorite waitress and the manager that she was getting married today.  She was marrying Jay-ton (her imaginary brother---that's a whole other thing to address).  And she was making a wedding list.  She read it off to me:  flowers, cauliflower, hamburger, and lemonade.  Her receptions was to be at Kroger's (our next stop) and she asked the lovely Steak n Shake ladies if they could please come.  She had us cracking up!

Then I twisted my ankle on the way out.  It was already puffing up like I had a ping pong ball in my sock as I limped around to get Lucy strapped in and we finally drove off.  I was a little teary because it hurt!  Lucy noticed that we passed Kroger and were going home.  "Why aren't we going to Kroger??" she cried out in panic.  When I told her that we had to go home so that I could put my foot up, she started sobbing.  Bawling.  "What's wrong?"  I asked.  "We can go to Kroger another time."

Through her tears, shoulders shaking, she screeches out, "RUINED!!  My RECEPTION is RUINED!!!"

She was sobbing and I was giggling hysterically.  It just struck me as SO funny!  She's a distraught "bride" worried that the details of her reception are not coming together!  She's a little dramatic, but the laugh was just what I needed!

When we got home, she got to business.  First, she brought me a Diet Coke (I didn't even ask her to, she just knows her Mama!)  Then it was "Doctor to the rescue!!"  She ran out of the room for neosporin and band-aids.  (Just the right thing for a swollen ankle, right?)

Neosporin.  A LOT of it :)  "I'm going to put on some medicine and it's going to make you feel all better."

One band-aid (or Ban-Ban, as she's always called them)

The doc at work.  Definitely more than one Ban-ban needed.  Saturday was going to be a clean-up day after a busy week, but, so pardon our mess :)
Several Dora Ban-Bans will surely help!

As will a little blanket from her baby's bed.

Laughter is the best medicine?  Fully part of her medical training.

She gave me a check-up.  This is one thorough doctor!

Bedside manner:  super sweet

This little blessing really helped me that day!  I love that she wants to "take care" of me when I need it.  I like to have a plan for the day (and week, and year) and it was totally derailed.  I was on the verge of grouchy from the messiness of our house and the inconvenience of having to hit pause and not do that (or much of anything) while I let my foot rest.  But her kindness just helped me have a better frame of mind.  Overall, even on rough days, I can't help but be thankful.  God has blessed me with so much to be thankful for!

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  1. What a sweet time! (But sorry about your foot!!) my girl is my defender and so helps when I'm in a cranky mood too!