Nov 17, 2014

love note

This is what you did while I was in the shower.  You ran in, all yippy and excited, yelling that you WROTE SOMETHING!!!  And then I saw this.  No books or cards out.  I asked you if you copied it from a book or something.  "No!"  you replied, indignant.  "It's from my head!"  I didn't know that you knew how to spell love, much less write it, but here it is!  Wow!  I also included your drawing from that morning.  All of your people look like this:  a big head and two legs coming down.  Then you always connects the legs at the bottom.  I think it's SO adorable.  They used to have straight line mouths, but you recently figured out how to make a smile.  That day, you was awed with yourself.  "Does she look happy, Mama?  Does she look happy??" Well, I'm certainly smiling, Lucy Joy!  :)  Welcome to the world of printed words!  It's lovely here.

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