Jan 25, 2014

story of a birth mother

The link is here, and it's worth the read.  It's a beautiful insight to the thoughts of a birth mother as she made the decision to give her child to another family.  I want to share this with Lucy when she's older so that she can see what great love lives in the heart of a birth mother.

My favorite parts:

"I believe there is only love in adoption.  Only love. Even if the birth mother can't say it or even see it; there is only love. Even if she can't understand it; giving the child a life is only love.   But I know my story isn't the only one that gets told this way...

 [After his birth]  "He was quite surely the most perfect thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I loved him with a bursting love. It took less than a moment to know that I wanted every single best thing in the world for him. That I wanted him to be safe, and loved, and happy, and blessed, and to know joy all the days of his life. It took less than a moment to know in the depths of my heart, and in every part of my being that I would give up my life for his to keep going. I wanted to give him every good thing. And I knew I was giving him the first good thing, and the best thing I could. A mom and a dad. A mom and a dad who were ready for him, ready to love him, ready to teach him. Ready to be parents, and not just kids themselves. 

"He was mine. And he was theirs. And there's no other way to say that or to elaborate on that...."

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