Jan 6, 2014

snow day buddy

Praise the Lord for snow days!  Such a lovely perk of my profession.

First of all, to keep it real, I heard Lucy in her room for a few minutes playing at the end of her nap.  "Ahh," I thought, "I've finally arrived!  Independent play!!!" 

Then I went into her room and saw this:

So messy.   (So proud!)
Then, what with the recent nuptials, we had a wedding.  Or six.  Her little voice chirping, "A WEDding!" 



 New year and new goals--we exercised.  This was so funny!  I have always tried to squeeze it in after she goes to bed (ahem, when I actually try) but I thought that she would maybe enjoy doing an exercise video with me.  (She did!)

I absolutely cracked up, because she did everything I did.  I heard her, about half-way through, blowing her breath out like she was blowing bubbles in a straw... and then realized that's how I was breathing during the squats!  I started laughing, and then she started laughing, and we were both still trying to keep going and couldn't breathe--we got so tickled and it was awesome!  Then I heard her muttering under her breath, "Who can do that!?" (which I had thought several times but I didn't realize that I had said aloud) and the whole thing started again.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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