Dec 29, 2013

Uncle John and Aunt Rachel got married!

Can you tell he's happy?
Rachel was gorgeous!  And her little helpers are pretty dang cute, if I do say so myself!
My heart is so full, so there's probably more to come.  Most of you know that my brother has had to deal with a lot, and most of you know he's handled it so wonderfully.  And most of you know that I'm crazy about him and I think he's just the very best.  He's so great, and Rachel is awesome.  They suit each other so well.  They seem so happy together, they keep each other on their toes, and they make one another laugh.  They both are believers and they both are counting on God's strength to make this marriage work.  I'm SO very happy for them!  Sharing their happiness yesterday was a pretty special blessing. 
P.S.  Lucy was a flower girl for the first time.  She did pretty well, but there was no time (or inclination) for napping in all the hustle and bustle of getting there and getting ready (and she's usually a bit off her game without a nap).  She walked down the isle with the adorable Silas.  She was pretty preoccupied with him all day.  "Where is my boy?"  "Have you seen my boy?"  "Let's go find my boy."  She made it down the isle, but then got really disinterested as the preacher spoke about love, so she wandered around the stage a bit and then said, "I'm hungry!" several times (loudly and urgently).  I did some whispering/bribing about cake, and she just collapsed into a puddle of white dress and pretty hair and wailed.  Yikes!  I directed her to Nana, so she wailed on over and got a little comfort and a little space and seemed fine.  I saw her throwing elbows to get back to the isle to walk up again with her boy.  She rushed our there and grabbed his hand and strutted proudly back up the isle.  Thank goodness Rachel is a gracious and laid-back bride!  

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