Nov 15, 2012

what Lucy says

Here's a little of what Lucy is saying these days (in addition to the adorable John-namings):
  • "Up ME, Mama!"  (With hands out to be lifted up)
  • "I too, Mama."  (We do about everything together)
  • "I try."  (Becoming very independent)
  • "Tuck in me!"  (When our covers get a little tangly)
  • "Puppy mine!"  (Requesting the song "Snuggle Puppy."  Every. 1.5. Seconds.)
  • "I like-y too!"  (Her way of saying she likes something.  This is rare and has only described sweet potatoes and Uncle John's new haircut).
  • "My milky fall down."  (It used to be just fall... now we say fall down).
  • "______ hit me eye!"  (The start of a little tattling and a little fibbing).
  • "Mama funny!"  "Nana silly!"  (This girl knows her stuff)
  • "I stuck!" (When she or something she's playing with is stuck.  This sounds unfortunately/hilariously like "I suck!", so we may or may not try to get things stuck to hear it.)
  • "Me, Mama!"  (Like, "look at ME, mama!")
  • "Monkey snacks!"  (These are fruit snacks which sometimes feature Curious George.  They are the best thing of all time, and she requests them daily.)
  • "Mirror!"  (This is dictated after we put in her hairbow every day.  She's got to check out the results of all our toils, and she LIKES what she sees :)  As Bonnie Meyers said, I think these Ethiopian sweeties have a little bit of the blood of the Queen of Sheeba in their veins!).
  • "Dit up. Dit up.  Dit up."  (If I'm taking a little too long playing on the floor, she's all business.... Very serious and trying to help move the process along.)
  • "Cookie Elmo John!"  (I know it's in the last post, but I hear this SO often.  She proudly proclaimed, "Cookie Elmo John!" to the people in line next to us for the nursery and to our guests the minute the came in the door.  It's a pretty big deal, people.)
  • "I did it!"  (A nod to the many, many Dora episodes we've watched.  Accompanied with two fisted triumphant hand raise.)
  • "More beans?  More?"  (Lots of play kitchen talk, and everything she serves up (and many things I serve up in the real kitchen) are "beans".  (Can you tell who's budget cooking?))
  • "Hola!"  (Lucy is somewhat shy around new people, but she busts out with HOLA loud and clear.  And we've noticed a trend with her use of Spanish.  All people with long, black hair get "Hola!"s (Hispanics, Indian or Asian women, goth teenagers... They're all fair game!)
  • I say, "Lucy, you make Mama..." and she replies "SO happy!" I just let that sentence hang one day and she chimed right in with EXACTLY what I was going to say :) Maybe she's heard it a few times...

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  1. Precious!!!!!! Love it....she's so smart, just like her momma :)