Nov 4, 2012

All things John and wonderful

Lucy is just crazy about her Uncle John.  She asks if we're going to see him almost every day.  Recently, she began adding a "John" to everything she loves.  I think of it as almost adding a "Saint" to things.  Saint Theresa or John Elmo.  You know.

So, please allow me to introduce a few of Lucy's most favorite things, donned with the name of one of her most favorite people.  We have...

"Elmo John"

"Cookie Elmo John"
"Baby John"
"John Mommy"
And, 'tis the season for
"Baby Punky John"

This has been cracking us up!  She gave all these John names, and calls each thing this name EVERY SINGLE TIME.  We hear A LOT about "Cookie Elmo John".  I love that "Baby John" is a lovely black girl.  And I'm a liiiiiiittle insulted that John Mommy is supposed to be a grandma!  But I'm super happy that this girl loves her Uncle John.  He's SO good to both of us.  I may just start "John-naming" things, too.  So have a John-jolly day, full of sun-John-shine! 

PS.  My mom will be totally on board.  When she messed up my name, she called me "Macy" (our dog).  Later that week she messed up John's name.  What did she call him, you may ask?  "God." (It's true.)


  1. I laugh so hard at these things!!! Hilarious!!! I'd love to hear more about your mom calling John God! That's gotta be funny too! Love you and luc! Thanks for posting:)

  2. She is too cute & who in the world wouldn't be crazy about John that boy!!!

  3. This is precious!!! Love it!!! Where did you buy the black baby doll? She is adorable. I would love to have one for my "someday to be" little one. Thanks!