Oct 21, 2012

Lucy's first year video

Prepare yourselves for some serious adorable-ness!  Lucy's recent birthday made me go sorting through all the lovely picture I have of this girl.  I made a little video of her first year (birth to 1) of my favorite pics and videos.  I set it to Snuggle Puppy (from Sandra Boynton's Philidelphia Chickens c.d.--which we (both) love!).  She LOVES this song, and it was THE song I'd sing in her ear to calm her down.  She still requests it sometimes.  Once I finish sorting through the birthday footage, I hope to have another video of her second year.  It was so fun to make (revisiting that tiny baby and our first adventures).  And Lucy has really enjoyed watching it.  She requested it twice this morning.  She smiles and laughs at herself.  The really cute part is that she is really watching others to see them watching (and enjoying) her in the video.  She caught Uncle John's eye one of the first times we watched it, and smiled back at him, and then pointed to the video (like, "Pay attention!")
Without further ado, here is the link to her first year video:
(It's also on the bar at the right, under her forever day video).

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