Oct 8, 2012


Lucy Joy, you are keeping your mama busy!  So many things happen every day that I want to remember! 

Today we belly-laughed over a little sock malfunction at bedtime.  And you told me, "Mama, I likey too!" about our dinner (sweet potatos, pineapple, and ham). 

Nana and I were singing to you with all our hearts  in the car the other day, and you cut in with, "Stop.  Stop.  Stop!" 

You love your jacket and, when I said, "Here's Baby's jacket," meaning yours, you heard "baby jacket", and said in your high-pitched voice reserved for babies, "Aww!  A BA-BY jack jack!" and hugged it.  You still call it your baby jack jack.

Here are a few sweet moments from when before church last week:

You're feeding a picture of yourself as a baby.

On the go!  This is why I have to resort to video.  But I love it, actually, because it captures all of you!  (Except that awesome smell...)  Here you are chatting, but I love that I caught you saying Mom-mom and Lulu.  I hear those a lot :)

And here you are taking a book to your chair to do some reading.  I've written about this before, but you are all business sometimes.  You say, "Okay,  now...."  kind of like you're starting a meeting instead of just reading your spider book.

And finally, you're playing and singing with a favorite toy.  You sure are intent on clapping and hand motions at this stage!  You even throw in some words!  But my favorite part is an agreeable hug you give.  You're so sweet!


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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I could just eat her up, love you girlies :)