Dec 3, 2012

counting, story-telling, spelling, what?

Lucy Joy!  You are taking off!  This has been a big week.  First of all, after struggling to get 1-2-3 in order, you just started counting to 8!  You've done it several times.  I was really surprised to hear it!  (You throw a five in after 8 and that loops you right back around to 6 and 7, but you'll get to 10 soon!)

On the way to Ms. Connie's the other day, you kept saying,
"Storytime?  Storytime, mama?  Okay. 
Once-pon-ti. (Once upon a time).
lawkejfoinsadlij (a little gibberish).
Theeeeee END!" 
I got about 12 stories that morning :)

You've enjoyed drawing lately.  When you're especially proud of your artwork, you say "Fri-fri ME!" so we put it up on the fridge.  You handed me a crayon and said, "Name, ME!" (so that I would write your name on it).  I started writing and said out loud, "L..."  YOU filled in with, "U...C....Y."  Nana and I looked at each other, pretty much flabbergasted.  You're spelling?!  That's just crazy, Lulu!

Lucy, you have been my big buddy lately.  As we talk through where we're headed, you ask me, "Mama play, too?" to make sure that we're sticking together (and I'm not just dropping you off).  As we "work" at the coffee table, coloring, drawing, and watching Puppy Mine YET again, you have been pulling up your little stool riiiight beside me and saying, "Side-t-side Mama."  Sometimes you lay down, and invite me, "Mama lay down side-t-side me!"  When I'm washing dishes, your favorite spot is on the counter next to the sink.  When I'm putting on make-up, you're lathering on the chapstick right by me.  When I'm headed to the potty, you joyfully shout, "I go too!"  When I walk in the door to Ms. Connies, I hear your running feet and, "MY mama!"  Tonight you said, "Tree!  I try!"  You pulled your little stool over to the light switch and lit up our tree.  You just beamed.  I just can't imagine a sweeter dallop of joy in my life than you are, Joy-Baby.  You are such a blessing from God!  You make Mama so happy.

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