Jun 22, 2012

This is my Joy-Baby!

She is wearing a lovely dress that her uncle John got her--another joy in my life :)

I recently had a birthday (29 again, it seems...) and Lucy spent the night with Nana and Pap and Uncle John so I could have a lazy, sleep-in morning the next day.

Well, this sounds lovely, but it really surprised me how very much I missed this sweet girl.  Even though it was pretty late and she'd have been asleep if she was home, I missed knowing she was there.  The next morning, I did sleep in a bit, but I kept thinking about her and wondering what she was up to.  Had she slept well?  What was for breakfast?  What new thing was she trying to say?  I may have even called home several times to check on her.  And moved our supper meet-up and hand-over up to lunch.  My "chill out on my own" days are over, it seems, and I'm glad.  I missed my Lucy!

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  1. I hear ya sister. Spoken like a momma crazy n love with her baby girl......love it. :)