Jun 12, 2012

Lucy talk!

  • She calls berries "babies".  She points to her plate and says "Iwa mo babies!"
  • She fills in gaps in our "snuggle puppy" song.  She fills in the ooooh and the kiss!
  • She kissed the baby in the snuggle puppy book, and left a little yogurt on the page.  She said, really excitedly,  "Mom-mom!  Baby kiss da YOHg."  I don't know the exact wording, but she was trying to tell me exactly what was happening.
  • She's "reading" another book... well, filling in gaps.  It goes like this (she says the bold parts)  A cow says MOO, a sheep says BAA, three singing pigs say La la la!  No no no no....
  • She said from the back seat, "Mom-mom, I wa hep!"  She was trying to take her shoes off, and asked for help for the first time.
  • I often hear on fake phone conversations, or even the other day from her baby monitor (she was waking up, and was by herself babbling).  She'll laugh a bit, and then say "Unca Jo-ohn!" Like she's talking to him and he's cracking her up and she's saying, "You're so funny!"
  • For the moment, I am "mom-mom".  I think it's adorable.
  • She loves to hold hands and pray before meals.  She holds that little hand out like an invitation and says "Iwa pay."  Melt my heart!
  • Roll call:  Several times every day we say hi to, or pretend to be, special people in her life.  Most days, roll call consists of Unca John, Nana, Pap, Bonbon, Ah Ann, Urrron, Susan, Eo, and Ab.
  • Potty?  She's pretty excited about the potty, and has said several times, "I wa potty".  So we hop on, but nothing has happened... yet.  I think she's telling me she's ready, but it seems pretty early to me!  (And I'm a little nervous--potty training?!  Am I ready for this?)

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