Jun 11, 2011

Oh Lucy...

I'm in awe!  I get to be her mama.

I wanted to catch her in action, so I put it on video mode.  She does this adorable thing when she's starting to babble.  She moves those sweet lips without making any noise, like she's getting warmed up.  She does it at the end of the video, and I hoped to hear "mama"... but instead I heard...  She cracked me up with this one!


  1. The big kids and I just watched the video & cracked up!!!! We think she is sooooooo adorable of course but the my kiddos question is, "is that a toot" we heard?? Ha!!!! Nothing like a good belly laugh right before bed. Love u girls!!!

    And love, love, love the new photo at the top, what a gift she is!!!

  2. Sooo precious and adorable! I love all the pictures and her sweet, sweet smile. The top picture is SO cute!!!

  3. I feel the same way about Eliah (and Joel too)... that I get to be their mom! It's pretty amazing that God lets us have that role. What a joy! :) Love that you're loving it and LOVE cute little Lucy!!!!