Jun 4, 2011

breaking news

My sweet baby is changing!  She seems like the same little one that I met 3 months ago, but she's getting bigger and stronger!  When she first came home, when I would sit her up and let go, her head would drop like an anchor and be right at her feet.  She didn't have the strenght to sit up.  I got some exercises from the occupational therapist we met at her big first doctor's appointment, and we practiced every day.   And she sits on her own now!  She seems like such a big girl!

She's pretty proud of herself!

Sometimes she's still a bit off balance...

And sometimes she needs help from a friend :)

     Tonight I went to a fun mexican restaurant with some friends.  Lucy was fussy, so I gave her her bottle.  In the middle of it, she started screaming.  Wailing!  She was frantic and furious and maybe a little scared.  I didn't know WHAT to do.. I almost just left because nothing would satisfy her, then I thought maybe I'd put some ora-gel on her gums to see if that helped.  AND... I felt a sharp little edge of a tooth sticking out!  She has a tooth (well, part of one!).  Poor baby was experiencing some trauma!  She settled right down with the ora-gel and we had a nice time.  I can't WAIT to see that sweet smile with teeth!


  1. What a big girl, I gotta get my hands on that sweet pea soon!!!!! I was thinking tooth as I read your post, wow, gotta love those first tooth pics, can't wait!!! XXX's & OOO's from the Gutman clan, luv u girls!!

  2. She is such a cutie pie!!! I love that she is sitting! That is GREAT!