Jun 17, 2011


Hi friends!  I know you've seen the new picture at the top... I don't know if you can read the tag--it says,  to Kristy, from God.  Enjoy!  I made her extra special!  Lucy is SUCH a precious gift from God.  I prayed SO often during this adoption process that God would place just the right child for me in my life, and I know He has done just that.  Lucy is such a joy!  She is so much company for me.  She gives me these big sloppy kisses and sweet smiles and she "talks" to me a lot!  She's so much company already, and I know it's just the beginning!

I've been thinking about how much I've been given.  Lucy, of course, is amazing.  But even beyond that God has blessed me, and has used my sometimes fearful obedience to show me that He's really taking care of us!  Taking on the responsibility of a PERSON (a pretty helpless one at that :) ) is pretty daunting.  I have been nervous about different aspects of this, but trying to trust God.  And He has been so good in providing what we need!

I was cleaning out a closet the other day and found the spot where I've stashed all these gift bags (that once contained LOVELY gifts for Lucy).  I spread them out on the bed, and felt amazed at the support that my friends and family have shown for us!  (That's when we had our little "Lucy is a gift" photo shoot.)  We have just been shown so much love!  So thank you, friends and family, for all the prayers, cards, precious goodies, coupons, hand-me-downs, and LOVE you've shared with us!   We're feelin' it!

I think she looks like a little doll!

Yes, please!!  (Maybe two??)

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  1. She could not be any more adorable!!!!! What a gift, love you girls, blessings!! The Gutman Fam