Jul 19, 2015

Funny things she said today

We went to a church mainly for African Refugees in Cincinnati.  It was SO cool.  Everything was in Swahili and English.  Lots of singing and fellowshiping and praising.  No A.C.  Beautiful.  We met many of the 60 or so people there (of which I was one of about 5 people who weren't African).  Afterwards, I asked her what she thought.  "Pretty good," she replied.  "But I wish I got to meet someone from Africa."

She was late getting tucked in and desperately trying to detain Nana to delay bedtime.  She'd already tried for a story, and no dice.  "Here, Nana," she called out to her.  "Have some lotion."  Nana said she'd get some in her own room.  Desperately, Lucy cried out, "It overthrows wrinkles!"  Ha!

And finally, she got a drink of water from her cup by the bed.  She put it back, then looked over at the nightstand (on what used to be Pap's side of the bed, before we traded rooms with them).  "I put my boogers over there," she confessed.  "Do you think Pap will mind?"

Lucy, you crack me up!

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