Jun 1, 2014

lovely night

We had a lovely night with some friends over.  They are just awesome.  They came over with lots of laughs and no comments on the sorry state of my house.  They prayed with us for little A who we think will be rejoining her family on Thursday.  They seemed totally cool with having their hair fixed and their skin accidently drawn on with a marker (and then wiped off with a Lucy-spit-bath!) and they even took out our trash.

I was so happy watching you.  You were so very much yourself.  You were funny and silly and serious, too.  You joined right in the conversations and invented (and ran) a few group games.  Alan was getting a little sleepy, so you tucked him in with a blanket and then "read" him No More Elephants.

You took a turn to pray for A when the rest of us did.  You prayed out confidently, "Dear God, thank you that we can take care of A.  And thank you that she is going to her grandma.  And thank you that we taked good care of her like you want us to. In your Son's name, Amen."  That moment--me in the floor, and you on my lap, and our friends who had just prayed with us and for us, and your sweet voice talking with God--that moment is a treasure in my heart.  It was super-special.

We were talking about upcoming weddings of friends and details and Keshia asked, "What about you girls?  What kind of wedding do you want?" (to Abby and I).  Lucy piped right up.  "I think I'm going to be married with Silas.  Then we will be husband and wife. I think I will be nine years old.  And then we will be husband and wife and we will live here with Mama and A.  And we will be husband and wife and then we will be a mom and a dad.."  "How many kids do you want to have?" Keshia asked her.  Lucy looked at her like she was a little slow to catch on.  "I said, Mama and A," she replied, like we would be her "kids."

It was storming, and you handed out instruments and instructed us to make storm music.  I was assigned lightning.  You scurried about, turning off all the lights so that I could flicker the chandelier on and off.  Alan's maracas sounded like rain, and you drummed away on the metal folding chair with your hands flat to make really thunderous thunder.  I love that you thought it was possible for us to make storm sounds and then... you actually did it, from your own ideas!  You're so creative, Lucy Joy.  God made you really cool, I think.  I'm thankful to be your Mama.


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