Apr 9, 2013

Forever Day--Two Years

Happy Forever Day!

I'm usually pretty wordy, but I can't even put into words what a joy you are to me, Lucy!  You make your mama SO happy.  Being your mama is my favorite job.  It's fun and I laugh a lot.  It's important, and I try my best.  It's amazing--seeing how much you learn and grow and try each day.  You're a little miracle! 

Being your mama has taught me so much about myself, and so very much about God.  The fierce, protective, saturated, forever love I feel for you is only a glimpse of what the God of the universe feels for ... me.  And you, of course.  

      Do you know what makes being your mama so great?  YOU.

Some of the wonderful things I've learned about you:

You are kind-- You speak and act so sweetly with babies and with me and with your family.
You are loving--You check on me and comfort me when I'm upset and give me band-aids.  You're always finding something fun we can do "a-gather".
You are funny--You crack me up (and yourself, too!).  I love that you enjoy making others laugh!
You are smart--You pick up on so many things!  You say or do something new and amazing every day.
You are brave--You tend to be shy, but you push yourself to try new things.
You are beautiful--I think you're so lovely and your hair is awesome!  People tell me all the time what a pretty daughter I have, and I agree!  *But remember Grandma Viv's adage:  Pretty is as pretty does.
You are special--God tells us in Psalms 139 that he made you special, from your first moments of being, and I know it's true because I've never met a more special, wonderful girl.
You are chosen--You're chosen by God to be his daughter and by me to be my daughter and my all a'time" buddy.
You are LOVED--Oh, how you're loved!  I love you SO VERY MUCH, and so do Uncle John, Nana, Pap, and a whole host of other friends and family.  I'm so happy to see how much they love you (and that you know it)!

I think back on the day I met you and the day (two years ago, today) that I picked you up from the transition house to keep you forever, and I remember how happy I was.   I was so thankful to God for bringing us together and I wanted you SO much.   I didn't even know, then, how very much could love you and what a delight you would be.  Happy Forever Day, Lucy Joy!

(see our forever day video again here)

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  1. Praise The Lord! She is sweet and lovely and her hair is awesome! Two years! Really??!! Oh how time flies!