Apr 18, 2013

bath time. How mama ended up naked

Okay, this evening, in a very short period of time, I lost a complete set of clothes, article by article, valiantly trying to bathe my baby.  I found this hilarious, so I'm going to share, but if hearing about my underwear isn't your cup of tea, feel free to skip this one :)

So, Lucy told me her "feetsies" were yucky, and I confirmed that indeed they were yucky, and she needed a bath tonight really badly.  We got home late and so I tore my clothes off and put on my pajamas, since I usually get a little wet or lotion-y during this process.  First of all, she leaned her wet head into my shirt mid-rinse, so my shirt front was soaked.  No big deal... I can handle it.  Then she poured the rinsing cup out over the side of the tub all over my leg.  So I lost the pajama pants (and, frankly, found some undies to put on because I'd been going commando).  So at this point, I have on a wet shirt, undies and socks.  I got Lucy out and dried her off and she sat on her bed while I went to get her milk.  When I came back, I stepped with both feet into something very wet.  She had unscrewed the top of her spray bottle full of water and oil and it was now soaking the carpet and my socks.  So I lost the socks.  (I now have on a wet pj shirt and undies).  We did our little night-time routine and then sat on the side of the bed in the dark to "hug and sing" (a new part of our routine that I love!  She sits in my lap facing me and we kind of rock and sing until we're good and sleepy).  She complained about my wet shirt, so I just chucked it off (it was dark and I didn't think she'd mind).  So now I'm down to just the last minute underwear.  As we rocked, I felt something very cold and realized that she had let her milk cup tip over and milk was dripping right onto the only dry article of clothing I had left.  Well, the only article of clothing I had left on.  I tucked her in and then had to laugh as I walked out of her room past the trail of my discarded clothing.  Then I needed a bath and a new set of jammies.  Oh, the joys of motherhood.  Maybe a swimsuit next time?  Or a garbage bag tied up toga-like?

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