Apr 16, 2011


Wow!  Lucy is home!  I am so blessed.  She really is a precious little one.  I just hold her and talk to her and can't quite believe that she's here and here forever!  I am really blessed with family and friends, too!  Things have been a little crazy, and I'm headed to bed (yes, at 8 pm!), but I wanted to share a few pictures from the last week.

I hope to make a gotcha video, but for now, here is us driving away from the transition home.

We had lots of smiles at the guesthouse, more every day we were together.

Tuesday was EMBASSY DAY.  Lucy felt pretty relaxed about it all, and rightly so, because it was pretty easy.  However, we did have an incident.  I checked her diaper (with my finger) as we waited in the waiting area for our name to be called.  Rookie mistake.  I ended up with a finger covered in mushy, smelly poo.  We rushed to the bathroom to change her and wash my finger, and as I was walking there I felt like I was leading the way with this gross finger, like I was singing "this little light of mine."  I couldn't put it down, I couldn't touch Lucy with it, so I had it stuck out in front of me!  As I was wiping down my finger, mom opened a really messy diaper and we heard "Northcutt" called to the window!  We slapped a new diaper on and I took her to the window with no pants on and a cleanish (but not actually washed) finger.  And I raised my right hand, smelly finger and all, and swore to be her mama forever.  Fitting, somehow, I think.

After our official business was finished, I was really anxious to get Lucy home, but I was nervous about such a long flight.  I got a little worked up that morning, trying to pack a diaper bag (for the first time) to meet my little darling's needs for the next 32 hours or so we would be travelling, and I cried!  But I shouldn't have worried.  She slept all but 3 hours or so of the 17 hour flight, and the rest was cake.  (In hindsight).  She was so cute in her little basinet on the plane!

This is Lucy's first picture as an American citizen after we landed in D.C.  I think she's quite an assett to our great nation.

We got home about 5:30 Wednesday evening, and were met by the sweetest welcoming party!  I don't have pictures, but my sweet friend Mattie (who got Ethiopia stamped on my heart when we picked up Cooper) posted pictures of the celebration on her blog, so have a look!  (Thanks Mattie!)

Many more pics to come, but here's a favorite from today.  One of the best things about having Lucy home is getting to see my favorite people together!  We call this one "The Cute One meets Little Cutie."


  1. Precious pictures, I'm still laughing about the poopy finger, I hate to tell ya but it may not be the last time something like that happens, ha!!! So over the moon happy that you and your baby girl are home FOREVER & your sweet momma too. Feel just totally blessed and honored to be a part of it all. Love you guys!

  2. She is way chunkier! They feed them well at the T House, huh?! And I think she has more hair too?! So excited to see these pics. Cannot wait to see her (and you) again!!! Congrats, Mama!

  3. Happy Homecoming! So excited that you finally have Lucy HOME! And, I just have to say, I think our girls look so much alike! Everytime I see a picture of Lucy it's like I get to see what Eva might have looked like as a baby. Their amazing eyes are so similar! Beautiful girls, we are so blessed! Congratulations!!!!

  4. Wow! I am so happy for you. I got all teared up reading about your trip and looking at the pictures on your friend's blog. God is so sweet.

  5. So precious!! Wish I could have been there to welcome her home...baseball! But rejoicing with you guys!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! Remembering the conversation we had at the G.C. track...WOW! So glad you followed God's tugging at your heart! I know you will be (and ARE) one incredible MOMMA!!!!! YAY!!