Apr 24, 2011

first day

I've been SO enjoying my little Lucy!  I will share more pictures (promise!) but I've been a little distracted by another little something I brought home from Africa... a nasty little bacteria that has made it's presence known.  I'm  enjoying my first little something (LUCY) far more, to say the least!

Our first day at home was lovely. Lucy slept 12 hours, with one little snack in the middle.  Heavenly.  Then we woke up and she had her first good bath, which I LOVED and she barely tolerated.

Have you ever seen such a sweet monster?  She didn't like the bath, but she loved the drying off and lotion-ing up.  We played a bit, then I laid her on my bed while I hung up 2 shirts. I turned around and she was out.  Soo tired after our big trip!  She looks so sweet (and little) on my bed!  Love it!

Then we did some more playing, and some more sleeping...

So maybe not the most fascinating stuff, but absolutely thrilling to me.  She's HERE in my real LIFE, and here to stay.  It's just really, really sweet.  I'm so thankful.


  1. Oh Kristy, melt my heart. Precious!!!! We'll get the kids together when you are feeling better. Love you guys!!

  2. Can I have her???? Hee hee!!! ADORABLE!!

    So sorry you're sick..Doug and I had a nasty illness from China...no fun!!

    Enjoy your little sweetie!!!!