Oct 20, 2016

Chip and Joanna (Kristy and Lucy)

Tonight instead of playing Dora in Dora's House, she said,  "Hey Mom, how bout we play Chip and Joanna and design Dora's house for her?"

I thought it sounded great, so we cleared out all the furniture and then she ran over for some paper.  She stood back and sketched out her ideas for a minute.

She came over, face serious, eyes on the house, "Chip, I think the kids rooms should be upstairs... and I'll just need you to take out this wall. And this one.  And this one."  [Gestures to 3 of 3 walls upstairs]

She'd tilt her head, scrunch her nose, waffle her hands like "so-so", very busy and creative, channeling her inner Joanna.

Then she had Dora's mom knock on the front door, come in, and exlcaim, "I loooove the desiiiiign!"

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