Feb 24, 2016


Lucy, you keep me on my toes!

A warmish day--you made the most of it and played on the deck.
I love the flowers--nice touch!

This makes me so happy always---the holding hands!

Melt my heart...
I love this girl!
Lately, you've cracked me up by whispering to yourself, "Lucy, be brave."  You do this when facing such fearsome prospects as cold lotion on your back or a tight neck-opening being pulled over your head.

I realized the other night that your night-time routine consists of:
a dab of lavender behind your ears so you'll sleep well (from Uncle John)
having your feet powdered (by Pap)
a full-body rub down with good lotion (by Mama)
You've got it pretty good, girl!

You have been trying to say "a tad" (like a tad more butter), but you say "a tat" (a tat more butter, please)  It sounds so fun.

You told me that if you were my mom, you'd name me Abraham Lincoln.  Why?  "Because you both love to read."  :)

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