Dec 18, 2015

you, lately

Sweet child, you are my heart.

You think about letters and writing, and take big dramatic pauses with your eyes to the ceiling to sound out the word.

You love watching KC Undercover and now you have to put on your "KC clothes" at any random relaxing point in the day.

You sing with a lot of soul.

You read "Just Like Mama" with me and then... you brought me breakfast in bed!

You are so big that you can tie shoes and belts now!

You are still little enough that you use your block of wood "phone" quite often.

You often refer to me as "Mother" when we're talking, so I say, "Yes, daughter?"

You scolded Pap for walking in with dirty boots.  "I just cleaned up that floor," you exclaimed, as you scurried over to get the broom."

Your drawings have more details now:  (Note:  this is you, NOT you as a bird.  It was so silly of me that I even asked about birds when I saw this masterpiece.)

You love the movie "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"

You have found a spot in the yard where you plant all your seeds and you garden and you make mud pies.

You have been making a warbly bird-call noise in your throat.  One day it turned into a word:
Cooooperate!  After a few days of "Cooperate!" reverbrating around the house, we were debating on which outfit to wear and you belted out "Cooooompromise!"  You're so delightfully quirky.

You are just super-awesome, Lucy Joy, and I love everything about you!

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